All of today’s headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic in order to make them impact resistant and to make it easier to mould into specific shapes. This plastic is functional, but it can cloud over time as a result of exposure. The coating that the manufacturer put on the headlight lens wears down after about 2-3 years, making the lens look cloudy, foggy, and yellow giving that oxidised appearance.

Along with the discoloration the headlight lens takes a beating from the environment such as UV rays, car exhaust, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and debris. This beating leaves the headlight lens with scratches, pits, and a gritty feel, and all of which inhibits light output necessary for safe night driving.

Pit-Stop can solve this by sanding down the tired oxidised headlights then applying a new UV coating.

Improves the look and value of the car
Save hundreds £££ on headlight replacement costs
Improve your visibility at night and Increases Safety

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